Currently the bulk of my work is focused my first Young Adult series. The first book, tentatively titled The Legends of Anilyn: Secrets of the Four Gates, follows Anilyn Noel, a girl growing up in a place called the Four Gates.  Living in a world very similar to ours in some ways and very different than ours in others, Anilyn’s homeland has a series of legends and rituals about the stages of life, and the challenges and mysteries we face while living.  Each book in the series focuses on one such legend or ritual, and the twists and turns that it brings.

When we meet Anilyn in this first book, she is wrestling with the challenges and mysteries that come with The Legend of Blossoming, a legend that all girls of the Four Gates must face.  To learn more about how Anilyn, the Four Gates, and its legends, came to be, visit here.

I invite you to share personal responses to my work or feedback by contacting me, I just ask that you do so with the goal of initiating a respectful dialogue.  Enjoy!



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