Are You Mae, or Mindy?

While past work is found under Mindy A. Early, as of March 2021, I’m Mae.
Here’s why —

When we are called by our name, it should give us a rush of joy. Seed a smile. Tickle our heart. After all, it’s how the world knows us, sees us, and celebrates us. Internally, our name is an active, glowing forge as we experiment and craft our identity. It’s the altar we visit to center us in times of sway. Our name is our vitality.

For these reasons and more, I have released my given name. It’s always felt like an ill-fitting shirt — worse, an ill-fitting jumper that takes struggle to put on. Mindy was a disconnect which kept me from feeling seen and understood, as if I was being called by the name of the person next to me. So, the time to be Mae is now.

I share this as an offering, an inroad to understanding. It’s not meant to be pressure. If you’ve known me a long time, and that time between us still feels best as Mindy, that’s [currently] okay. As I explore, I’d like to keep the current fluid, and free. As I introduce myself, and as I create new work, however, Mae will be the seed I water to see what grows.

Thanks for your inquiry, curiosity, and support.

– mae

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