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The writer's answer to where the magic happens.

The writer’s answer to where the magic happens.

Through teaching and my own writing explorations I’ve had the good fortune to create and connect with some great activities, prompts, and guided writing exercises that can help writers of multiple genres during all parts of their process.  On the following pages, I will be building a bank of exercises under the banner of these three categories:  Activities, Prompts, and Guided Writing.

At the top of each exercise, I’ll note which part of the writing process the exercise supports (for example, Brainstorming or Revision), and I will also note the genre(s) the exercise is for.  When an exercise can be used for multiple genres, I will provide any tweaks or variations needed to tailor the activity to a specific genre, if any.  Finally, if I learned this activity from another artist or educator, or if the exercise was inspired in part by another artist or educator, I will be sure to credit him or her as well.

I’ll be adding at least one new exercise to each of these banks every month.  Each time I do, I’ll write a partner post on my blog, so subscribing to my blog is a great way to keep updated!  Please also check the Resources and Recommendations page where I list my favorite writing, theatre, and educational resources.  As with the bank of exercises, the Resources page will be updated periodically as I make new discoveries.

If you have an activity or resource that’s beneficial for writers that you’d like me to feature, I’d be happy to, and I’ll be sure to link to your site or social media when I post your activity.  To submit an activity, or to ask me questions about any activity that I post on the following pages, please contact me.

A Note for Educators:  The majority of the exercises that I post will be written for writers of a high school level and above.  Please contact me if you would like to talk about how to adjust the activity for middle school or elementary school writers.




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