Just With: Non-Verbal Cues in Writing and Theatre

I'm excited to report that I recently received my first round of edits from my publisher for my debut Young Adult novel. While I’m no different than anyone else who feels a lot of pressure when it comes to revision, my background in theatre and new play development has taught me to see the feedback... Continue Reading →

Action Cards: for Inspiration and Complication

Last month I had the pleasure of subbing for one of my Philadelphia Young Playwrights teaching artists. When I asked him how I could best aid the class of awesome 8th graders, he told me that the students needed help infusing more action into their play ideas. Action can be tricky. In an age of... Continue Reading →

The Status Game, Begging For a Remix

On the Making Learning Connected hangout tonight, the conversation about hacking games, as well as Kim Douillard’s story about an amazing Monopoly remix, reminded me of one of the oldest improv games I know.  I’m sure it goes by many different names, but I learned it as The Status Game. Thanks to the structure provided... Continue Reading →

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