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I am thrilled to be a regular contributor to the online magazine The Magic Happens, where my work focuses on how we can apply artistic and creative practices directly to our lives for the purposes of self-exploration and actualization.  We all know that art imitates life, but here’s the chance to see how you can benefit if from life imitating art.  Here are some of my most popular contributions to the publication:

Looking Up – Enchantment Through the Senses:  Unless we’re on vacation, celebrating a special occasion, or in the midst of one of life’s major milestones, enchantment can feel like a state that’s hard to reach.  The truth is, it’s waiting for us every day around every corner, and activating our senses is a great way to find it.

Why Not Warm Up?:  Theatre artists understand the importance of warming up. In fact, the majority of performers, whether they are actors, musicians, or dancers, have a personalized routine that they have developed over time.  Mirroring this practice by crafting our own personal warm up allows to start our day on our own tone and terms, preparing us for success.

Living Your Ideal Verb:  Can you summarize your present moment in 24 words?  How about 12?  How about one?  Living Your Ideal Verb includes a short, fun memoir writing activity which gives you an ideal verb to use as a goal for action in your days to come.

The Answer is Retreat.  Retreats can be a fantastic way for you to slow your pace, clear your mind, shift your perspective, and rejuvenate your energy on your own terms.  Whether you’re seeking a daylong retreat or something long term, I’ve outlined some tips and resources that will help you get on your way.



T1_red-241x300Thanks to Something or Other Publishing (SOOP) I have an amazing opportunity to publish STAGES: An Experiential Guide for Theatre Fundamentals IF I can secure 1,000 votes of support.  This book is a collection of games and exercises that allow participants to explore five major facets of theatre-making in a fun, pressure-free group setting. Geared toward enhancing learning through hands-on exploration, each activity includes:

– Clear instructions on how to facilitate the exercise;
– Variations which help facilitators add additional challenges to the game, adjust for age/experience levels, or tailor the exercise to a particular goal;
– And follow-up questions for participants to reflect on their experiences and engage in respectful critique with their peers.

This detailed format makes this book an invaluable resource for work with thespians from beginner to advanced.  If you’d like to read an excerpt, contact me and I will send you two activities from Stage I:  Warm-Ups and Ensemble Building, and two activities from Stage II:  Directing.

Don’t forget to click here to cast your vote of support!


I was honored to be one of 44 authors represented in Empowered Women of Social Media:  44 Women Found Their Voices Using the Power of Social Networking.  My chapter, titled Create, Communicate, Connect:  How Social Media Has Scaled My Mission, talks about how artists and educators can leverage social media to innovate their practice, widen their impact, form new networks, and discuss best practices on a global scale.  Click the link below to purchase – you’ll see an option where you can also download this book on Kindle for just .99 cents!  With 43 other voices represented, I’m sure my voice won’t be the only to resonate with readers.


I invite you to share personal responses to my work or feedback by contacting me, I just ask that you do so with the goal of initiating a respectful dialogue!


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