I am thrilled to be a regular contributor to the online magazine The Magic Happens, where my work focuses on how we can apply artistic and creative practices directly to our lives for the purposes of self-exploration and actualization.  We all know that art imitates life, but here’s the chance to see how you can benefit if from life imitating art.  Here are some of my most popular contributions to the publication:

Reset Your Self-Care Routine: When we’re at our busiest, that’s when we need self-care the most. We might not think we have the time when our days are jam-packed, but we do! Learn more about this self-care model that I teach to artists which makes decompressing and rejuvenating more effective and accessible.

Loving Yourself One Sentence at a Time: When we find ourselves trapped in negative thought-patterns, it can be hard to work our way out. This is an easy, rewarding writing ritual that can help us cultivate a more positive outlook and self-image.

Why Not Warm Up?:  Theatre artists understand the importance of warming up. In fact, the majority of performers, whether they are actors, musicians, or dancers, have a personalized routine that they have developed over time.  Mirroring this practice by crafting our own personal warm up allows to start our day on our own tone and terms, preparing us for success.

The Answer is Retreat.  Retreats can be a fantastic way for you to slow your pace, clear your mind, shift your perspective, and rejuvenate your energy on your own terms.  Whether you’re seeking a daylong retreat or something long term, I’ve outlined some tips and resources that will help you get on your way.


I invite you to share personal responses to my work or feedback by contacting me, I just ask that you do so with the goal of initiating a respectful dialogue!

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