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539057_3153746020922_1966140274_nOne of the best takeaways I’ve had from my time as a theatre artist is that it’s wonderful to be connected to community at all parts of the writing process, not just when a piece of writing is “good enough”.  As I’m working on my YA series, I think back often to the developmental readings I’ve had as a playwright, and how fed I felt at the end of the day from the feedback and conversation from my fellow artists.

On the following pages, I will be putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak!  As I write, as I experiment, I will share a blend of finished pieces, works-in-progress, and experiments. I invite you to share personal responses to my work or feedback by contacting me, I just ask that you do so with the goal of initiating a respectful dialogue.

Snippets:  Poetry                    Snippets:  Plays                    Snippets:  Experiments

(A Note about Facilitating Feedback:  If you are a writer or a teacher of writers and you’re interested in strategies for facilitating a respectful feedback process in your readings, workshops, or classroom, please contact me and I’ll be happy to share some strategies and resources with you.)

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