Current Writing

539057_3153746020922_1966140274_nOne of the best takeaways I’ve had from my time as a theatre artist and playwright is that it’s wonderful to be connected to an audience at all parts of the writing process, not just when a piece of writing is “good enough” to share.  As I’m working on my novel, I think back often to the developmental readings I’ve had as a playwright, and how fed I felt at the end of the day from the feedback and conversation from my fellow artists.

Not all writing is meant for an audience, and not all writers write because they want to reach an audience or readership.  But in the instances where publishing or producing the work is the ultimate goal, it’s a good practice for us as writers to regularly share our works in progress – and even those half-cooked writing experiments – so that we become comfortable with the act of giving over our words, and diving into the dialogue that develops from doing so.

On the following pages, I will be putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak!  As I write, as I experiment, I will share a blend of finished pieces, works-in-progress, and experiments.  Featured in the Experiments section, I’ll being doing some of the activities that I post and sharing this writing with you to serve as an example of the format, shape, and nature of writing that can come out of that particular writing activity.  (I’m thinking of you, teacher and teaching artist friends, and how it’s always good to have a model to work with in the classroom!)

Snippets:  Poetry                    Snippets:  Plays                    Snippets:  Experiments

I invite you to share personal responses to my work or feedback by contacting me, I just ask that you do so with the goal of initiating a respectful dialogue.

(A Note about Facilitating Feedback:  If you are a writer or a teacher of writers and you’re interested in strategies for facilitating a respectful feedback process in your readings, workshops, or classroom, please contact me and I’ll be happy to share some strategies and resources with you.)

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